Hous of Waris Rare @ Net-A-Porter.com

House of Waris Rare @ Net-A-Porter.com

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Do you know House of Waris ? Founded by designer and actor Waris Ahluwalia is strongly influenced by the romance and history of ancient kingdoms, House of Waris is built around Waris’ passion for story telling through materials and craftsmanship.

Hous of Waris Rare @ Net-A-Porter.com

The brand is a celebration of objects of unique beauty, quality and inspiration.Inducted into the CFDA in 2010, the next move for House of Waris was naturally a collaboration with the world’s premier online luxury fashion retailer.

Hous of Waris Rare @ Net-A-Porter.com

This collection will be available online exclusively at NET-A-PORTER.COM and is based in the Explorer’s Library at The Gritti Palace, a Luxury Collection Hotel in Venice. House of Waris RARE brings together independent artisans and historic brands from over fourteen countries from around the world including Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Morocco, India, France, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Hous of Waris Rare @ Net-A-Porter.com

Each piece in the collection tells an individual story of the destination from which it was createdalong with the artisan’s passion for craftsmanship.

Hous of Waris Rare @ Net-A-Porter.com

Stuffed owls were created by artist Ann Wood with vintage Fortuny fabrics, using traditional Venetian techniques.

A ‘knock-out bread board,’ has been hand-crafted from wood and brass, designed by award-winning Istanbul-based design studio, Autoban.

Hous of Waris Rare @ Net-A-Porter.com

A unique single serpentine light sculpture has been hand-blown by contemporary glass artist Jeff Zimmerman in the United States.

From €35.00 to €34 000.00

The House of Waris RARE collection is now available at www.net-a-porter.com


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